Fullofit, it is...and I've decided I'm leaving C1s alone till I'm in a Nieuport.

First flight today spotted one low, rolled down behind him figuring I'd come up below him from behind...and couldn't catch him. They're faster than the Morane. Same altitude, and he slowly pulled away from me, so I finally broke off.

Second flight, saw another one, again low. This time I thought I'd swoop down fast, pass below him, and let my observer get some shots on him. Bad move. Before I was even below him, he was chewing at my plane. I broke off, and fortunately neither Alvin nor Holcombe got hit, but the plane was beat up.

So I think I'll stick to the low-hanging fruit of the B1s and the relatively low-hanging fruit of the E1s....at least for another month.