Journal Entry: November 24, 1915

I feel the men are finally coming together as a team and today's sortie only proves it to be true. Ernst, Gustav and I escorted Leutnant Mau on a artillery shoot up to a position west of Lens. The enemy was out and about in force but nothing came close enough to threaten Mau and so I ignored them and continued our mission. After about an hour had passed Mau signaled that he had completed his work and was heading home. Since there were so many enemy aeroplanes in the area, I decided to stay a little while longer in the hopes that we could gobble up some fat two seaters. It wasn't long until two lumbering BE2cs came flying along heading back home after completing their work. I signaled the others and we turned to start stalking them. I can only assume that the Tommies were tired because they never saw us stalking them and that was their fatal mistake. The skies above the front are not that different than the savannahs of Africa, it's eat or be eaten, and one must always be vigilant. Anyway, I signaled Ernst to take the right one and I took the left and Gustav covered both of us just in case someone was stalking us. By the time the Tommies were aware of our presence they were already plunging earthward. We turned for home and upon landing I congratulated Ernst and Gustav for a job well done. At dinner, I stressed the importance of continually scanning the sky for enemies and had today's enemy done that, then they would be enjoying their dinner right now just as we are.

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