Journal Entry: September 23, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

Had a rather interesting engagement this morning. We had been hearing quite a lot of rumors and speculation concerning the Albatros a new Hun machine that has begun to be deployed in the Hun scout squadrons. Since I first heard of this machine I had wanted to have a go at one of them to see how they measure up to our Pups. This morning I got my chance and the fact that I'm writing this should tell you that our Pups are still supreme.

We were tasked with escorting three Strutters over to the Passchendaele area for a bit of recon work. We had just arrived in the area when I saw three Hun machines to our northeast and flying below us. They were of a size and shape that I had never seen before and so I drifted closer and determined that these must be the brand new Albatroses that we had heard so much about. I signaled Richard and down we went. The Huns didn't see us until we were almost upon them and in their panic one collided with another and plunged earthward plummeting smoke. That evened the odds and the engagement began in earnest. I can't speak for Richard but I had no difficulty getting on the tail of my opponent. After a couple of bursts, I saw the Hun slump forward and the machine immediately started spinning. I quickly spotted Richard just as he was dispatching his Hun. I would imagine the Albatros is a more powerful machine than our Pups, but as far as maneuverability it appears to be rather clumsy. I realize that I can not build tactics based upon one engagement, but I will start watching to learn how best to defeat this new Hun machine. I can definitely say that as today the Roland is still the toughest Hun nut to crack.

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