Orders of the Day (Rules)


Create a pilot using manual enlistment, and select a two-seater squadron of your choice to place him in.
Select the current date (in game) for the group you'd like to join (see below.)
Characters should start at the following ranks:
* Britain: (RFC) Sergeant; (RNAS) Flight Sub-Lieutenant
* Germany: (Luft.) Offizerstellverter; (Marine) Flugmeister
* France: Sergent
Name your pilots in alphabetical order. The first pilot's name within each group should begin with 'A', then 'B', and so forth.

There are two groups within the campaign. They are:

Intrepid Fliers (Start date of February 1, 1915)
The 'Fliers' are synced with our real calendar by days of the week. Monday, February 1, 1915 equals Monday, June 1, 2015. OldHat has provided a calendar we can use.

Warbirds Rising (Start date of June 1, 1915)
The 'Warbirds' are synced by date. June 1, 1915 equals June 1, 2015.

Note that WOFF does not allow flights on the 31st day of a game month. This means there will be days where there should be no flights within a given group. Perhaps your CO gave you the day off.

You may have two pilots in this campaign active at any one time, one in each group.

Workshop Settings and Aids
Any and all aids are permitted. Go with what you're comfortable with.

All workshop settings are allowed except as follows:
* Outcomes Normal
* Campaign date advance Manual
* Weather: Historical
* Campaign Mission Frequency: Historical
* Log: Campaign Only
* Unlimited Weapons, Fuel: Off
* Flight Model: Realistic


Once you've created your pilot it's time for training:

First Mission: In Workshop, set your logging to 'All' flights. Now go into QC, and schedule yourself a transfer flight from one of the airbases mentioned below to your new home airfield:
* British Career: Netheravon, Hounslow, Eastchurch, Biggin Hill
* French Career: Saint Inglevert
* German Career: Koln

Once you've accumulated 25 missions (total) in the campaign, you may (but are not required to) ignore this step for future pilots.

Be sure to set your Workshop back to only logging 'Campaign' flights when you're done. Advance the campaign by one day.

Second Mission: Let the WOFF Campaign Manager schedule you a mission, but ignore the directions. Instead, complete two circuits around your home airfield and land. Some suggestions for these missions: (a) Get familiar with your area of operation. Make notes of landmarks to familiarize yourself with the area (b) Practice flight leader commands: Attack (A), Rejoin (R), RTB (Ctrl + R), Land Here (Ctrl + L) and Split Formation (S). c) Practice maneuvers with your new aircraft. If hostile aircraft attempt to engage you, disengage and RTB.
Suggestion: When you land, you might want to speed up time until your friends return home so they don't get lost over enemy lines.

Third Mission: Let the WOFF Campaign Manager schedule you a mission, but ignore the directions. Fly to the front and back. Again, if hostile aircraft attempt to engage, disengage and RTB.

Further Missions

Generate missions and carry them out, as dictated by the WOFF managers campaign briefing screen.

You may, for role-playing reasons, choose to use QC to simulate transfer flights, runs for repaired aircraft and so forth. If you do so, be sure to reset your Workshop to log 'All missions' (and change it back when you're done), and advance the campaign one day after the mission.

Once per week (minimum), submit a survey highlighting your accomplishments. I will use that to feed weekly reports on our progress. The survey is at

Fly only one day's worth of missions per real world date in accordance with the calendars above. If your pilot is hospitalized or captured, you'll need to wait those amount of days before flying again. With the weekly 'scoreboard' I'll include a line resyncing the campaign dates with the real date to make sure we stay on the same page.


After 10 missions (including the ones above) you may, but are not required to, request a transfer to another squadron. Once in a new squadron, you may not ask again until 10 more missions have passed.

There may come a time (especially if you're playing the French) when your squadron becomes unplayable due to lack of useable aircraft. If that happens, you have three options:

Emergency transfer: Your pilot sits for a week (7 days). After that, you may restart him in a new career with any squadron from his country. You'll need to manually track the pilot's combined record.

Wait: If this is a problem that will eventually correct itself (such as a squadron switching to a different plane), you can choose to wait it out. Your pilot will simply be inactive until he can play again.

Retire: You can retire the character and start a new one.



Missions flown = 1pt
Hours flown = 1pt per full hour
Claims total = 1pt (wether confirmed or not)
victories conf. = 2pts (as per the rule 1 claim for every 3 victories in a single mission)

Promotion = 10pts per level.

n.b. perhaps a new rule...when you make Captain (or what ever in other nations) then you have to transfer to be a flight commander some where else.

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