Banjoman, awfully nice of you to lend a hand, well done Sir.

Since my French aviateur's recent promotion to Adjutant he and his gunner/obs took it upon themselves to have their bus repainted. During previous missions they had both observed how the natural linen finish on the Moranes made them visible comme une mouche dans un verre de lait when it came to not blending in with the local landscape. It was time to do something about this undesirable situation. After a lengthy deliberation with their lead mcanicien, which included a gift of two bottles of burgundy and a fresh pouch of pipe tobacco, the work was contracted and completed in a very timely fashion. As an emblem for their fresh mount Allard chose the feline from a book hed read often to his younger brother Maurice, back in the days of their golden youth: Les Tribulations d'un chat. It seemed quite propos as the book dealt with the exploits of a cat that found himself in all sorts of tricky situations; situations he was always clever enough to get out of. Allard hoped such would be the case for him and his partenaire dans la guerre.
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Allard and his gunner/obs on the flight line, preparing to take off for their first sortie in the new bus.

Notice how well the new colors blend in with the landscape below as compared to the natural linen.

The underside now sports a sky blue finish.

Returning home after an uneventful outing - not a single Bosche to be found in the air anywhere. Still, it was fun to kick around in the new livery.


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Three RFC Brass Hats were strolling down a street in London. Two walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

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