I will be signing on for this campaign and am really looking forward to some early war flying again.

Also, I must offer a small point of order as concerns the following:

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The Eindecker would pave the way and soon machine-gun armed scouts made recon and artillery sighting dangerous occupations.

It was actually Roland Garros who paved the way when he attached metal deflector wedges to the propeller blades on his Morane-Saulnier Type L and, on 1 April 1915, achieved the first ever downing of an aeroplane by firing through the propeller. He downed two more enemy planes in the same way before he was forced to land behind enemy lines due to ground fire and his plane was captured. It was inspected a short time later by Anthony Fokker who took Garros' idea and refined it with his interpretation of the interrupter gear. I say his interpretation as there was already a Entente design of such an idea that was on file but for some reason was not implemented until many months after Fokker's design had gone into service.


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