Dudley Nightshade
Flt, Lt.
Petit Snythe, France.

26 Jan 1917.

Mission: Line Patrol
B Flight: 6 Machines Mix N-11 and N- 10's.
E/A: 8- 11 Halb D-III 's ?
Alt: 1900 meters.
Losses: 2 N-10 destroyed and 1 N-10 Heavy Damage Pilot wnd (me) + 2 N-11's damage. Claims 3 Halb's.

Remarks: Big Furball. We were setting up to attack a Dfw 2 seat when the fights fell on us. Twist and Burn. Spotted Tiny Tim trying to help out and he had a mid air both ships broke up and burned. I got off a drum 47 rds, and saw a burning Hun going down then 3 on my tail. All I could do was spin out.but caught a bullet in the right leg. The doc will keep me down till 1 Feb.

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