Here's a new one.... Alfred got Promoted to 2Lt...yippy.
But I wanted to know a bit more about this sort of thing.

Seems measures had been taken before the war started, and that NCO's could become "Temporary Gentleman"...that is hold a Temporary commision for the duration of the war. Now this had been seen as a necessary evil in 1914 and that Officers from the ranks would have to replace dead ones. Thus all Temporary Gentlemen would have to take part in a very short emergancy training of one month in Sandhusrt..... Emergany training for proper Gentlemen was 4 months!!! holy crap, my basic Tarining was 6 months plus another 6 for infantry.

So perhaps, for this Campaign, The promotion from Sgt to 2Lt should force us to take a month off.

I know this could happen to Hun NCO pilots as well, but it was quite uncommen. Most NCO pilots were sent to the bombers with the scouts being almost completely reserved for Officers.NCO pilots would then have to stick it out no matter how good they were for the most part.

so I'm going to advance the date by say 2weeks travel and a months training. Then fly 1 mission per week till I catch up to the real date of this year and fly in sink with my other DID pilots.

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