Journal Entry: June 8, 1915

Feldwebel Reinhard and Leutnant Rudolph fell today and that sight will forever be etched in my memory. We were coming back from a routine artillery spotting mission and Scwarm Eins was patrolling above us. Just as we were leaving the front, I happened to look up and saw an Archie shell burst right next to Reinhard's machine, it jerked and immediately burst into flames. I was horrified and watched in agony as he slowly wheeled over and began the long plunge to earth. I swear I could hear them scream, but I'm sure that was just my mind recoiling at the sight. They made a fine team and had served the fatherland admirably. That is two teams we've lost in a little over a month, I'm sure this war is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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