Wahhhhh... not a good day for the Kaiser. (April 1917)

Two of us (FA13) with two DIII esorts asigned to bomb a dump some 10km over. Well not good news me thinks.
However, as we go over at 2200m the sky is clear and things look pretty good.
I can now see the dump. We line up and just before I release my bombs the rear gunner warms his MG up.
Crap!! looks like the whole RFC has moved in behind us to cut off our retreat. My Wingman is miles distant and, of course, our DIII's are making for the hills.

Nose down and pray we make it to the lines. I now have N17's, Se5's and Spads all getting in the way of each other trying to line me up!
My gunner is going mad with his gun and I'm trying to give him a shot while not slowing down. Now ground fire is being noticed....gota reach our side.
And low and behold, 200m, and our ground pounders are firing all they have at the EA.
I can't realy decide who is the worst threat..the enemy or our own small arms or the bloody Royal Artillery.

An Se5 try's his luck but the gunner wards him off. Then a N17 (Ball) hangs onto me and we are turning while being thrown around by 105mm shells.
A Spad appears out of no where and dives straight into the ground...must of been a newby. A second N17 takes a shot from my gunner and his dive also ends the same way.
The last N17 (Ball) I can't get any bead on him, and as by mutual concent we go our own ways.
My engine has been hit and I am forced to land by some ruins, where we take cover and wait.

I got the claim for the Se5

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