(That was a scary ride - I figured when the engine blew, it was curtains for Ambrose. I'd read a few months ago that Hellshade had managed to put out an engine fire with a dive, so I thought it was worth a shot - I was high enough that I had a little breathing room in the dive, but not so high that the sustained dive would, indeed, tear off the wings. Landed at around 100 mph in a field, which was also pretty scary. Was at 50% health when I hit Q, but oddly only got 6 days in the hospital - I've had 80% health in other campaigns put me in the hospital for 10-12 days, so I guess it's random. Decided superficial second degree burns on the hands fit the time in hospital. Of course, once he's back, he's going to have to whine about the pain and tightness of the skin

Since both he and Alvin will be going on leave for a week starting next Saturday when I go on "leave" for a Florida roadtrip, he should be feeling better when he gets back - that may even be a good reason for them to give him some leave...)