Dudley Nightshade
Flt Lt.
Petit-synthe, France

March 3, 1917.

Mission: Balloon Burst

T/O: B Flight 0810 Hrs
Load: Rockets and machine gun ammo.
A Flight : Divert Patrols to the east

Remarks: An Un tidy show. Our flight of 5 machines were coming off target , after getting the gas bag, when we ran into e/a. 5 Albatross Scouts. I had a merry time with 2 on my tail when 3 more got into the fight.. A regular Turn and Burn it was. I spotted 3 airplanes going down before I pulled a blue Max and did low level over the lines and thru the trees to scurry home. Counted 13 hits in my kite.

Sgn losses: 2 N-17's + all B flight machines damaged. Claims 1 e/a.

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