Journal Entry: March 1, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

Just got back from five days of glorious leave. One of the benefits of being stationed in St. Pol is we are so close to jolly old England that we can pop over when we have a spot of leave. I spent three lovely days with my family just eating, sleeping, and reading. It is so peaceful at home that I can forget this bloody war altogether. I did learn something interesting while I was home, I learned that my cousin Tom is now a flying sergeant with the 24th somewhere south of me. Aunt Edith said that he is flying DH.2s and that I should contact him. I don't think my aunt realizes just how big France is or how the military works. I did tell her that I would be sending him a letter. I wonder if good ole Tom went into flying because of me? I haven't seen that rascal in almost two years.

Ronald, Roderic, and I flew this morning's line patrol and of course Ronald claimed the Aviatik that I was softening up, so it seems nothing has changed while I was gone. I do enjoy a good leave for resting and recuperating, but I sure am glad to be back with the chaps.

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