Sgt, Saville
24 sqn
Flanders, France.

August 10, 1916.

Picked up a slug from ground fire coming back over NML. Our 5 a/c , B Flight, attacked an enemy A.F. at Bertincourt. Wild little mix up. I got off a full drum while diving at the Field then on pull out 3 Huns were waiting for us. I had one shooting me up as I turned and reloaded. My wing man got him, I saw the crash then a Hun got my wingman. I reversed and fired off another drum at we passed and ran for home getting wnd in the process as another flight member shot down the Hun. Looking back as I ran I saw another Hun being Forced down near the target. My kite was full of holes so couldnt get above 400 meters as I crossed over the lines getting hit 3 more times Finally, Home and the Medics ( Out for 13 days)