Still catching up from my R/L holiday week. Here's Sgt. Smythe's log book from 28 June-4 July:

Sgt. Bryan Smythe
Warbird Rising
6th Squadron, RAF
Abeele, Flanders, France
27 June-4 July 1915
I havent had much of a chance to catch up with this journal. No sooner did I get back from the mission on June 27, then I was told I had received a 48 hour pass, but I needed to get on the transport immediately if I wanted to spend it anywhere but at Abeele. Needless to say, I had my kit packed and was on the truck in a matter of minutes. I got as far as St. Omer, but didnt make it any further that night. While getting a billet, I ran into some Aussies who were heading east. We got to drinking, and when I woke up the next day, most of my money was gone, my jacket was ripped, and I somehow had lost my right boot, but had managed to replace it with a second left boot that looked to be about a size larger than what I normally wear. The Sargent Major took what was left of my money, saying that it would help to defray some of the damages to the lodging house down the road. He also suggested that I head back to Abeele. Since returning, it has been pretty pleasant flying. Im flying every day, and havent seen any Germans at all. Even their Archie has been very quiet, since we finished up the offensive near Lens two weeks ago.

No man commands safely unless he has learned well how to obey.