Broderick Bolitho
Squadron Com.
December 18, 1916
Furnes Aerodrome

The morning show was to attack Roulers Junction. Myself and Flight Commander Kennicut were assigned the task. The day was very nice but cold. Only a few clouds and good visibility above 5000 ft. Approaching Roulers We were attacked by a lone Hun scout. Kennicut got behind him and I was able to watch the show as he sent him to the ground.

We reformed and made 3 passes on the Railyard. As I was completing my third pass there was a Hun scout coming straight for me. I out climbed him and rolled in on his tail and with a few short bursts he went to the ground and crashed. One more pass and we headed home. Another day alive.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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