Sergent Bastien Salmet, N 26, St-Pol-Sur_Mer. March 10th 1916.

A taste of action at last! Sgt. Salmet was awoken from his daydream, while circling the airfield of Droglandt, their assigned patrol area, by a quick rattle of his observer's guns. He immediately put the machine into a left turn, trying to get a sight of their assailant. There it was, an Eindecker, lurking. Salmet kept turning toward it and soon realized that it seemed a little reticent to engage. What was it doing here anyhow, thought Salmet, at the same time deciding to try to get closer to it and give his observer a chance to loose off some more rounds, which he did. No return fire. In fact, the Eindecker turned east. Salmet gave chase, caught up with it over the town of Poperinge and his observer let it have a few more rounds before they lost it in cloud.

Salmet decided to put down at Abeele and call it a day. First action of the war for him, and he was worn out and exhilarated, all at the same time!

n.b. thanks to Banjoman for encouraging a more offensive attitude with 2-seaters! The Eindecker might even have gone down, as the post mission report congratulated us on bringing down some E/A, and I was the only plane in the air from our squadron at the time. I didn't see it go down though, so I didn't claim it. We did score eight hits on it, according to the debrief screen.

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