And the news for July - Warbirds Rising:

July 1
The Battle of Otavi was fought between South African and German forces in German South
West Africa. The final battle of the South-West Africa Campaign ended with a decisive South African victory.
July 2
The British government formed the Ministry of Munitions and passed the Munitions of War Act which required compulsory arbitration of labour disputes and banned strikes and lockouts.
July 3
The Germans continued their advance into Poland along the Eastern Front.
July 5
Fierce fighting continued between French and German troops at Souchez, Arras and on the Meuse.
July 6
British and French ministers held the first Allied war conference at Calais.
July 7
The First Battle of Isonzo ended with a victory for the Austro-Hungarians.
The Italian armoured cruiser Amalfi was torpedoed and sunk in the Adriatic by the Austro-Hungarian submarine U-26.
July 9
German troops in South-West Africa surrendered to General Botha's South African forces at Tsumeb, 370 km north of Windhoek.
July 11
The German cruiser SMS Konigsberg was destroyed and sunk in the Rufiji river in German East Africa by British river monitors.
July 12
The German Government announced its intention to take control of the coal industry.
July 13
A new Austro-German offensive began on the Eastern Front.
July 14
The Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden attended his first meeting of the British Cabinet.
July 15
The National Registration Act became law in Great Britain.
July 16
The Battle of Krasnostav began.
July 17
Bulgaria signed a secret alliance with Germany, Austria and Turkey.
July 18
Following the conclusion of the First Battle of Isonzo earlier in the month, the Second Battle of Isonzo began on the Italian Front with heavier artillery support against the Austro-Hungarian army.
July 20
The Battle of La Linge began between French and German forces near the Vosges mountains of Alsace.
July 21
The Russian town of Ivangorod was invaded by Austro-German forces.
July 22
British forces captured Bukoba on Victoria Nyanza in German East Africa.
July 23
Austrian warships bombarded Ortona and the Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea.
July 24
Rozan and Pultulsk in North Poland were captured by German forces.
July 25
The American steamer Leelanaw was torpedoed off the Scottish coast.
July 26
Italian troops landed on and occupied Pelagosa Island in the middle of the Adriatic.
July 28
Germans forces crossed the Vistula between Warsaw and Ivangorod.
July 29
The East Persia Cordon was established in order to protect British interests and prevent enemy infiltration from Persia into Afghanistan.
July 30
German troops used flame throwers for the first time against the British lines at Hooge In Belgium.
The Pope sent an appeal for peace to belligerent Governments.
July 31
The Battle of Strelcze was fought on the Eastern Front.

(From The Great War - Unseen Archives by Robert Hamilton)

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."