Journal Entry: 4 December, 1916

Today we transferred to Pronville, which just happens to be where my good friend and old wingman Manfred commands Jasta 1. I have not seen him since I was transferred to Jasta 2 and I am really looking forward to hearing how he has handled the transition to command. I was not anticipating any action today since Pronville is only about 5 kms away from Lagnicourt. It should have only taken us around 30 minutes to make the flight, but of course, I had not accounted for the cheekiness of the Tommies in their Nieuports. As we were approaching Pronville, I saw two Nieuports flying along as it they were on a Sunday stroll. I realized at once that this time we might catch them since they were so far over our lines. I signaled the attack and immediately one of the Nieuports must have realized they had been caught because he quickly turned and began to flee with three of my flight in hot pursuit. The other actually turned to engage me in what was a hopeless gesture. On one hand, I admire the British for their willingness to fight against all odds and then on the other hand, it disgusts me for their wanton disregard of their lives and the lives of their men in pointless attacks. We twisted and twirled with neither getting an advantage. I fully expected him to break off and climb away as they usually do when they grow bored with an engagement. This Tommy was different and that ultimately was his undoing. Eventually due to my superior machine, I was able to deliver a burst that obviously damaged him because that was when he decided to disengage, but it was too late by that point. I settled in for the coup de grace and after I fired I could hear a loud crack, even above the engine and wind noise. I watched mesmerized as half of his top left plane detached itself from his machine and fluttered past. The enemy pilot had a panicked look on his face and fortunately for him, did not have far to fall.

Upon landing, I was greeted by Manfred with a huge bear hug and congratulated on such a wonderful victory. Unbeknownst to me, they had watched the entire engagement from the ground. It was wonderful to return to the comrades that I had shared such hardships and victories. It distressed me just a little to see that they are still flying the outdated Fokker biplanes. Manfred clasped my arm and as walked to the Adjutant's office, asked me to tell him of my victory. It is good to be with Manfred again.

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