Ofzr Achim Viedler, Bosta 6, Ghistelles. November 10 1915

The Kommandant welcomed Viedler into his office and held out a silver goblet, cushioned in its presentation case.

"Congratulations Herr Viedler. Not a bad start to your career with Bosta 6! Your claim from yesterday was confirmed! One less BE2 in the sky is a good thing, for sure. Keep up the good work!"

Achim could barely disguise the smile as he walked into his tent and showed the trophy to his beobachter.

"This is as much yours as it is mine, Georg" he beamed. "Let's make it the first of many victories to come!"

.... the Aviatik C1 is a sturdy craft, and with the gunner up front, it's great for chasing and shooting at hapless foes!

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