Man i wish i could write as well as many of you are writing. Guess I'm more of a picture book guy. Please excuse my grammar and punctuation in my feeble try to tell more with words.

BurnHarnd Reinhardt was told to leave Kohln at 4am and to head for Namur. Kommandant didn't say why and something seemed amiss to BurnHardt, but he didn't question his orders. Shortly before when he expected to arrive at Namur his engine rpms started to bounce. Just before he landed in the twilight he knew his engine was about to go kaput. He managed to land just fine. After landing he told the mechanic of his planes engine troubles and was told to see the Kommandant. He could tell something was odd in the voice of the mechanic.

That is when he learned the news that his younger brother Arnold had recently died shortly after take off due a leaky fuel line. More bad news came as BurnHard learned his Grandfather had passed on a few days earlier. As is the custom with his family in Thale his Granfather's corpse was burned and the Kommandant presented him with clay urn. Grandfather's old friend, Uncle Herman, had preformed the old Thale ceramony as there were no more local Reinhardt family members alive.

Kommandant went on to ask BurnHard what should be done with his brother's corpse which was badly burned in the wreckage of his Aviatik. BurnHard asked that it be sent to Namur while his Pfalz was repaired. He went to ask if he could further burn the corpse to ashes as his family custom. All bone and some flesh remained intact and that wasn't right to him. Kommandant agreed to his request, but noted there wasn't much spare firewood and that his brother's remains wouldn't arrive until wednesday.

BurnHard stated he would make more firewood and inquired about where to bunk down. Kommandant suggested the mechanics shack and joked about not having enough room in the massive Zepplin hangers which even caused BurnHard to chuckle...and then think for a bit.... "That gas burns easy and hot, doesn't it Kommandant?"

"What chu thinkin bout BurHard?"

"A funeral pyre for my brother Arnold, in the sky at dawn." was his answer.

"Bunk in with Fritz, talk about it and get back to me in the morning. He is overwhelmed with work and helping him might take your mind off recent bad news. Your Pflaz needs work too."

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