Journal Entry: January 28, 1916

Finally, the scoring drought is over. It has been almost a month since I have last had any success in the air but yesterday I was most fortunate. Manfred and I met Guynemer and his wingman over Cambrai on a routine patrol. On my initial pass I must have scored a few hits on Guynemer because he abruptly turned and dove away leaving his wingman to deal with me. Manfred dashed off after Guynemer with no hope of catching him but he tried nonetheless. After sizing up my opponent, I quickly realized that this poor Frenchman should have run when he had the chance. He had the height advantage but never pressed his advantage and when he did finally choose to run it was just straight away. If he had either chosen to climb away or dive away I would have never caught him, but he chose the one maneuver that allowed me to close the distance. After a couple of bursts, the poor souls engine burst into flames. I am pleased with my success but there are times when how we score our victories leaves one feeling slightly dirty.

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