Sergent Bastien Salmet, N 26, St-Pol-Sur_Mer. March 14th 1916.

"I tell you, Roy. I*'m getting tired of all these lone missions! We seem to run into the Hun every time up, with no one around to help us. Always these damn Fokker machines. Two of them together today, so good shooting old chap, for driving them off!"

Just then, Capt. Destain walked into the mess.

"Ah, Salmet. Glad I caught you. Congratulations to you both on your first confirmed victory. The news came through this morning. Keep it up and we might have to put you in a scout, Salmet!"

Salmet saluted smartly. "Yes sir, thank you sir!"

Once the Captain had left the room, Bastien turned to his observer. "If that happens, I may need some shooting lessons from you!". Roy chuckled and poured them both another glass of vin rouge.

A determined Hun gets some hits on the N12, but Roy's return fire eventually drives him off

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