BurnHard Reinhardt was chosen to lead an artillery spotting mission down south near the frontlines west of Perrone. He flew west from Douai and turned south keeping the easily spotted cratered mud off his right wing and eventually crossed the river that signaled to him that this was the general area to be on alert for ground artillery burst spotting. Ten minutes or so later he spotted a steady shelling falling near the RR tracks of enemy territory.

Once spotted he reached back and tapped his rear gunner Gerhard on the shoulder and pointed it out to him. He then wagged his wings some as a siginal to Dieter Buchener that they were over target. Buchener has a habit of flying in BurnHard's blind spot causing him worries of collisions and often leaves him wondering if he was still even airborne. He could only hope that Gerhard the gunner would alert him if something happened to Buchener.

He lingered there for 10 minutes or so before reversing course and returning to Douai.