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Here is the latest status report, you will notice and entry listed as Unkwn, that means unknown because I didn't have that info when I created the report. Does anybody have any ideas how we can get people interested in this campaign again?

Thanks for trying to spice it up with new entries. How come there are no entries under "Days Wounded"?
I also have no idea how to make it more interesting. It all depends on the people what they are interested in. Early years are slow so people lose interest quickly. I prefer the early birds that's why I'm still flying. I probably would have been flying a career like this anyways, so to me this is convenient. Having these stats posted every week helps even more. I guess more variety of planes would help this situation immensely - more French 2-seaters anyone?
I suppose tracking your wingman's career and posting his score as well could add to the role playing factor. You're not just responsible for your career but his as well - making sure he survives as long as possible and scores kills that could be posted, maybe along with his medals and promotions. All this could be added to your score. Added bonus is that you wouldn't care that he stole your kill. biggrin
Too bad about some of them being stupid.
This obviously wouldn't work for the guys still flying bombers, but eventually everyone will get to fly a fighter and have a wingman. I think there was a challenge like this before to keep your wingman alive as long as possible.
Also, don't forget this is a loooong challenge, so people will lose interest, but maybe new people will join later on when it becomes more interesting.

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