Banjoman, my guess is the bloom quickly left the rose of flying the early planes for many. On the Brit side, 3+ months of flying a Morane or BE (in 1 RNAS we'll finally move to Nieuport 10s in October, RFC doesn't see anything but Moranes and BEs till May when FEs are deployed to 6 Sqdn (Ambrose's next destination for some variety, though I don't like pushers) French get Nieuport 10s in September, and until then it's Moranes. Germans get EIs in June, but only for high-ranked pilots. So it's a few months in an unarmed Aviatik B1, or a lot of months in the early group, since there's not a lot of chance for promotion when all you can attack with are cutting stares.

The Morane can be used as a combat aircraft (as we've both proven), but without a front gun like a Strutter or Brisfit, two-seaters definitely aren't a ton of fun to take into combat.

I'm still enjoying it, as much because of my "role-playing" of Ambrose and Alvin as anything else. And when they die, as they will someday, I'll be happy to bring in new pilots to get a different perspective on the war. Like my pilots, I'm here for the duration.

But I can certainly see people losing heart on their 87th bombing mission in an unarmed plane...

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