Dudley Nightshade
Flt Lt.
Petit-synthe, France.

Feb 15, 1917.

Mission: Patrol to the lines.

B Flt: 5 machines, mix N-17 and 1 N-11.

Alt: 2300 meters

E/a: 2 flights of three 2 seats ( Roland ) + 1 or more in Archie fire. 7-9 enemy a/c.

Results: 1 Roland destroyed. Sqn Losses: 1 machine forced down ( Mine) 2 pilots wnd. and all of B Flt's machines damaged.

Remarks. Bit of the Diciest encounters yet. B Flt was strung out when we encountered and chased one machine. I broke right to cut him off when I ran into 3 e/a that I hadn't seen. The flt was already engaging another enemy flt of three so no help at all. Managed to get off 2 ( 47 rds) drums during the flight before I took too many hits. The 2 e/a on my tail got in some good hits to my engine ( the Oil line) the motor made strange sounds then stopped. Nothing to do but Spin down and find a road. ( the e/a lost interest in me as I spun from 2000 meters to 500. )