Let me get this right Captain Price, your claiming a Hun Balloon by bombing, correct?

Yes, that right. Somewhere west of Menin. Im sure someone must have seen it go down. It was only few miles over the lines. Went up like very light, err down that is.

Anyone near you at that time? Another Squad perhaps?

Wellno. You see we left our formation to look for Lorrys and such, which is why we headed east. It was a bit cloudy too as we used the cover to sneak in as it were. Did you notice anyone Sgt?

Err no Sir. It was just like you said Sir, a bit cloudy and I did my best to keep us out of sight Sir.

Nathen, just how am I going to sell this one to Wing? Theyre going to think Im mad or worse.
I know I know, I believe you two. If you say it was hit and sent down then it happened.
Problem is no one saw it Im afraid.



Get on the blower. Call the Engineers,
if someone saw this Balloon of yours then they would have.
Ask them if they can confirm this mornings event please.

Anything else?.....no

Errr, yes just one more thing Sir.

Yes Sgt.

I noticed that the Hun now has a monoplane in our area.
I spotted two flying south to north. I thought they were ours. They look very similar to the Morane used by No.3 Squadron Sir.
It was just their marking that gave them away Sir.

hmmm, a new Hun. Well have to keep an eye out then. Thank you Ball.

Sir, if I may suggest.

Yes Strange, what loony invention of yours this time?

Err no Sir. I thought that as we have another line patrol this afternoon,
then perhaps we could fly with two machines together and try to bag another Sausage like this Morning Sir.
Id say let Sgt.Ball and Cpt.Price take some bombs along and repeat their deed.
I and my Observer could then witness this event and put in a proper claim this time.

Splendid idea Strange. You up to it again Cpt.Price?

Why yes Sir, of course.

Good thats settled then.
You lot ask Dolly where the next Balloon is, take a couple of bombs and go cook a Sausage with eggs. Not bad what??

make mistakes and learn from them

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