Sgt Alfred Nash -- Diary entries...

10 June 1915

Finally got the news that the BE was airworthy again and checked out of the Terminus Hotel in Calais. Capt Nash is quite the man about town and I had to sneak away from him frequently so that I could stay within my means. As it is I owe him two quid.

Flew from St-Inglevert to Bailleul West without incident and reported to the OC, Major Longcroft. We have the role of artillery observation and reconnaissance, plus a new role of gas spotting. This involves sending messages to the front line infantry warning of approaching gas clouds!

14 June 1915

Spotted my first "Hun" today on the return from an artillery shoot. Our BE approached the Hun from behind, completely unnoticed, and swooped underneath him to give Capt Nash a crack with his Lee Enfield. Nash managed a few rounds, but probably frightened me more that the poor German fellow in the other aircraft. Seeing no result we went home.

"Our BE approached the Hun from behind, completely unnoticed...."

19 June 1915

Flew into enemy territory to drop some bombs on the aerodrome at Houplin. Saw them hit the field, but do no obvious damage.

21 June 1915

Bombed enemy front line positions. No Archie or serious return file. Saw bomb fall among enemy positions.

22 June 1915

Long recce jaunt on a line from Lille to Menin. Paraded back and forward at 6000 feet, but failed to see a single other aircraft. I'm starting to get quite confident here. We were escorted by two of the modern Bristols, each with a forward-firing machine gun.