Journal Entry: October 12, 1915

Those naval pilots with their Fokkers are rank cowards and I'll say as much if I should ever meet one. Today Manfred and I were to fly an artillery shoot and were told we could expect an escort from the naval unit to the north of us. We were told to expect three of the new Fokkers, so we felt sure we would be able to perform our mission without interruption. As it turned out, we were both right and wrong. We had just arrived when I spotted two Nieuports sneaking along below us attempting to get behind us for an attack. I turned and fully expected to see the Fokkers diving to engage, but instead they turned as one and ran for home. Hans and I just shook our heads and prepared for the enemies attack, but much to our surprise the French instead turned and began to chase our fleeing comrades. The cowardly naval pilots had inadvertently drawn the enemy away and we were able to complete our mission unmolested. I can only guess that the French must have assumed that the machines fleeing would be the easier prey. Anyway, we made it back to our aerodrome safely and I can honestly say that I don't really care what happened to those cowards.

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