Journal Entry: October 24, 1915

Hauptmann von Schoenebeck is dead. I lost my mentor, my leader, and my friend today all because of those schweinehund naval pilots. The Hauptmann and I were ordered to fly another artillery shoot down near Peronne and this time we would have an escort of three Fokkers. I felt certain that with three of them present they would finally behave as men, I was wrong once again. Two Nieuports appeared as we were flying to our job and the three Fokkers turned as one and fled. One of the Frogs focused on me and the other engaged the Hauptmann. I put our old crate through her paces and eventually I was able to place Hans in a position where he could successfully engage the Frog. After a few bursts, the Nieuport dove away and I saw it crash in No Man's Land. I frantically searched the sky for any sign of the Hauptmann, but it was to no avail. I returned home and reported on my engagement. We anxiously awaited any news in the Hauptmann's office, finally, we received a call from Ballonzug 65 informing us that they witnessed an Aviatik engaging a Nieuport and that the Aviatik was seen plunging to earth. They recovered the two bodies and Hauptmann von Schoenebeck had been shot in the head, so thankfully he felt no pain. As if the day could not get any bleaker, I received a call from Major Friedel, our Flieger Battaillon Kommandeur, informing me that I am to take command of Fliegerabteilung 32 until such time as he can choose a permanent Kommandeur. This has always been my greatest fear, but I can't let the men see any weakness. I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities and I will make Fliegerabteilung 32 the best unit in the Luftstreitkrfte.

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