Sergent Tremblay and his gunner/obs Sergent Fauchard have spent a quiet first week at Lahoussoye, until this morning. They were assigned a patrol of the lines to the east, from Miraumont down to Pronne and back. Allard coaxed the Morane up to 2,700 meters as he and Jerome kept a lookout for any hostile craft that might be trying to cross the lines. About 45 minutes into the patrol, as they were passing over Fricourt, they spotted an aeroplane just off to their east and below them about 500 meters. It turned out to be a lone Aviatik which they immediately engaged. After a protracted game of cat-and-mouse Sergent Tremblay was able to give Sergent Fauchard several good shooting opportunities which were taken full advantage of. The enemy aeroplane began trailing black smoke and giving up altitude. A final burst from the Lewis gun and the Aviatik hit the ground hard and flipped on its back as its pilot attempted a landing. When the pair returned to camp and excitedly turned in their very first claim they were told it would likely be denied as the incident took place on the Boche side of the mud and they had no confirmation, to which Capitaine de Reverend added, "But you have the personal satisfaction of knowing you downed an enemy craft. Bravo!"

A single enemy aeroplane attempting to make a run for home after being spotted by Allard and Jerome.

Several excellent volleys from the Lewis and Sergent Fauchard had the Aviatik trailing smoke and dropping down.

The Boche pilot attempted a landing that ended in a total wreck.

Sergent Tremblay followed the Somme back to Lahoussoye.

They came in to land just as a patrol from the north was returning.

After pulling up to the hanger and shutting down the Le Rhne Allard and Jerome raced to the CO's office to turn in their AARs and their claim only to receive the disappointing caution that their first victory would very likely be denied them due to no corroborating witnesses. Ah well - c'est la guerre.


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