Esc 15
Savy , A.F.
Sgt, Bessieres

Oct 31, 1915.

Offensive Patrol: Houplin Aerodrome near Loos.

3 a/c Bait Flt

2 a/c Distant Cover Flt.

Remarks: The Esc 5 N-10,s were Trolling for the enemy a/c and acting as Gunnery Patrice for the Hun guns at 6000ft. As the flt made its last turn a 2 Seat type was spotted near another enemy air field. ( Harbourdin ? ) We passed the e/a wing tip to wing tip as I turned , my trailing wingmate ( Robi Gallet) cut inside and attacked , then the pursuit fell apart.

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Officially, The report states that after his machine gun jammed, the pilot rammed the Enemy machine ( his 2nd Kill) in an effort to save France from the Invaders. Personally, I think, Robie had target fixation and got to close.

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