EDITED: Thread disclaimer. 29/04/16 9:32AM AEST


I have taken it upon myself, without any inside our outside influence from today forward to add this disclaimer to my first post in this thread after discussions held with Chris Ellis, Director of VEAO and putting forward my thoughts and feelings regarding the EFM and the Hawk module as a whole, privately with him.

My wish is that my posts and the members who have posted in this thread, both for and against my views written herein to stay in this thread with out being edited, moderated, deleted and the like. My views expressed in this thread were at time of writing, a blunt honest incite into the release of the EFM module presented to the 'customers of VEAO' like myself who held a high standard of what the module 'should' have been when the EFM was released. At the time of writing this review, I wrote it as honest and truthfully with the knowledge and evidence gathered through sources and quotes collected through public sources, etc which was presented to me up to this point when I made my first assessment of the hawk module EFM presented to the community.

In hindsight of what I have written in this thread leading up to the views expressed by Chris Ellis, Director of VEAO, my opinion was based entirely on my personal view supported by collective direct quotes,screen shots and\or otherwise from 2012 leading up to the release of the EFM 8 days ago on the 21st of April 2016 AEST. Before I spoke to Chris privately, my opinion and my posts up to that point still stand. At the time of writing my review, my thoughts and beliefs were solely my personal opinion and to this day I stand by them up.

It would be completely biased of me to continue my blunt, honest and hard line' approach and to carry on in this way my review of the EFM. Now knowing I having a clearer understanding of the hawk module presented by Chris Ellis and VEAO. The module as mentioned numerous times, is still in Beta and not the final product presented. I have expressed my views directly to Chris and accept his version and reasons the hawk module is in it's current Beta state and not at the standard I 'expected' it to be at time of the EFM release.

EDIT-2: disregard previous disclaimer as new information has come to light 19-08-17 which proves consumers will not see a completed module within the 6 months as promised to consumers such as myself by VEAO back in April of 2016.

EDIT-3: April 24th (tomorrow being ANZAC day) 2018, everything I have said in this thread is now 'back on the table' so to speak. The module is in a sad state of affairs, the licensing system of 3rd party developer's is still in a sad state of affairs. This thread is going to be kept 'alive' until the consumer get's what they paid for.

EDIT - 4 20-08-18 VEAO have given up on DCS, for the RISE AND FALL OF VEAO Skip to page 32

Feel free to post your findings with the EFM, damage model or multiple CTD issues

Since it is a low quality aircraft....The video has been recorded at the lowest possible quality keeping inline with the developers behind the aircraft