You get the picture....

VEAO set out to create hysteria on the forums and began greasing the cogs of what would later be the largest and most publicised scam in the history ED,

Being the 1st endorsed 3rd party developer and headed by a con job with intelligence exceeding far beyond the small number of money grabbers. Those who saw the 3rd party endorsements
opportunity as a get rich quick scheme like David Kinney's dead kick starter, the IL-2 con job.etc. This plan was thought out perhaps years prior to the public announcement of the formation of VEAO.

VEAO most likely envisioned the hawk as the bitcoin of DCS long before the coretex design flop, and L-39 tango fail and many many more than have come, seen and fallen from grace.
Even the kickstarter from some clown for a C-130 was a disaster and a quick money grab.

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most noteworthy, " will have to based on available data and our engineers best guess in wind tunnels etc."

This statement portraying VEAO having the knowledge to build the typhoon based on a guess by their "engineers" the whole business was based on guess work.

the suspense building....more fanbois squealing "take my money" "I'm throwing money at the screen"

I mean....they had engineers for f**s sake. How can a company that boasted good intentions, had all the gear "engineers, tech, artists etc etc etc" but not one of them had any idea what they were doing.

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As for former Tango, I'd hardly class him as an engineer. a hobby coder at best. we will get to that.