Sobek?....surely you have an opinion on the topic at hand, or perhaps SkateZilla?

12 months on and here I am, a modest consumer waiting for a DCS level fidelity aircraft. the smoke feature, 12 months on.....not high on the agenda\bugs list for VEAO to fix considering this aircraft was based entirely on the VRA which Chris himself was a part of.

Over the next couple of day's I will update this review, no doubt word will get back to VEAO and Chris will jump on the thread promising me (and everyone else) a DCS fidelity aircraft within 12 months......stay tuned for 2018 gents.

I gave VEAO 12 months grace, so until 2018 I will keep this thread alive with updates and weekly reviews on this wasted bandwidth until the consumers get what was promised......a DCS fidelity aircraft.

Come one come all....take note those devs who are looking to 'promise the world in regards to DCS and fail to deliver'

How's that typhoon going Chris? seriously?