1.13 Users using other public forums to spread damaging and false information regarding DCS and Eagle Dynamics will forfeit their posting rights here.

...spread damaging and false "information". Interesting use of the ban hammer for a guy that has basically been giving a truthful review of their products. They really don't do themselves any favors over there. The reality outside the HTTP is a frightening place for those that live under such censorship.
They're saying give a good review no matter how FALSE that may be or you're going to get banned.

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DCS Kickstarter
Wags July 2014 "In this July 2014 update, the primary news is in regards to the restructured backer rewards. After a careful review of the older system under RRG, we found it financially unattainable."
Wags October 2017 "the investment vs. generated revenue has been excellent for the World War II aircraft. In fact, the P-51D Mustang has twice the cost effectiveness of the A-10C Warthog."