Since these mig-21 lovers who are trying so hard to derail the hawk efm thread in support of VEAO..... fear not my fellow hawk lovers and haters, I am already in talks with my producer regarding script aggreements and NDA aggreements for my next thread. LN seem to be left out of blunt honest opinions, merely due to the tomcat project that quite a few supporters don't want to see canned. However, brace yourself gents change is on the horizon.

LN just haven't pissed me off enough to deserve such awesome reviews and personal views on their aircraft, I am more than happy to review your aircraft Cobra as your feeling left out. So I have ordered a search and rescue crew complete with sniffer dogs to find it burried under the mountains of dust in my virtual hanger. Once you sort out the FAA drama, give me a shout and ill take it up and give you the review your future fans are dying to hear.