Right gents,

After requesting in a support ticket to have my ban extended to 2 years in the hope that by the time the ban is lifted there may be a slight change and 1 or 2 bug fixes with the hawk.

You have been banned for the following reason:
Ban increased to 2 years at users request. Ticket # 52133

Date the ban will be lifted: 04-25-2018, 10:00 AM

In Sobek's defence hence the posts above (don't thank me just yet matey) I put in a 'support ticket' putting forward a request for 'Sobek' to become a community manager. I wrote in the qualities I see from his posts here and yet I have not received a response on that. Stay tuned folks, once the answer comes through, it will be shared here for those vying to be community managers or moderators.

However straight down to business. Today I have reviewed the avionics as well as the damage model combined with a couple of video's. These low budget, 1 take video's are unedited and 'subject to change (description only) You can bluntly see that the model is far from ready to be called a Beta. I will be showing you the wing loading of the EFM that I have tested. Watch the video and then read the comments I have found whilst testing the systems and avionics of this module. Have a go at "i plant trees' comment on my 1st video in my OP, this video contradicts his version of how the EFM damage model reacts under certain conditions. I am quite sure as my role of the 'unofficial tester' I have basically tested every type of the damage model in just the 1st video all bar running it nose first into the ground at 800MPH.

The avionics and wing loading seriously needs an overhaul, this video will be followed up with some quotes and posts by none over than our dear 'cactus tree climber' and some angry and annoyed hawk customers such as myself. I have a long way to go on the review of this aircraft, so bare with me. Development of this aircraft has been 5+ years in the making, I think I can review 5+ years of work into about 4+ weeks of 'unofficial testing' and reporting

EDIT: to be continued (as I have just seen VEAO have made a statement whilst searching for a post in this thread.....Finally the developer has spoken, I'll read the response then sit back as I make comment on it supporting my claims with posts, video and screenshot evidence for those interested in this dodgy dev. You can draw your own conclusions and make your own opinion on the module for those who have yet to purchase it .....Brace yourself gents, grab a slab, turn the aircon on if your at home, charge the phone if your about to head out because this is surely the moment we have all been waiting for.