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No worries Cobra.
We see different things.
You see a minor issue with your module, I see a total desync between the core product owner, ED, and their 3rd party contractors.
The repetitive issues with the 21, be it activations or other issues, will of course add to the decision making of bying a future module - you do understand that? What you see from the inside is most probably way different than what we customers see.
We on the outside can only decide from what we see.

I really do make it a point not to accept critiscism when the product in question is an alpha version and the customer has a perfectly functioning alternate version to fly in. (that is, unless it's constructive)

I'm really not sure where the desync is supposed to lie either. Everyone, from top to bottom was aware that the MiG-21 was crashing in this particular revision. Considering, again, that the product in question is an alpha, such issues are not (and should not) be considered blockers.

Certainly- I now better understand why some companies are very reluctant to host open, public testversions.

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