Rather than go around in circles with January 2014 and Feb posts, Fast forward a few months....

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the true scam of all things VEAO related. This announcement came well before the public had their hands on the Hawk.....7 months before the Typhoon which was on schedule to be released.
mind you, numerous posts by VEAO being posted on the other side of the hill at ED to keep the consumer's on side.

Many questions were being asked when the hawk would be released Cue the diversion.

so the 1st module to be released was expected to be ready Q4 of 2014....same as the Typhoon which mind you was well and truly on track for a 2014 release.

Did anyone else smell the BS? No doubt those that did and raised objections at ED's forums had their posts removed and were warned. ED after all were expected to take a % in sales from the hawk. Money talks....BS walks
Of course ED are going to protect their future asset

It was like this "let's copy and paste the hawk code....dumb it down for turn ratio's and AOA and release that for the WW2 modules, then we can look for excuses as to when the EFM, PFM, .doc, .pfd, flight models will be released.
(I use .doc, .pfd etc as exaggerated abbreviations for the many flight models mentioned by ED but not fully agreed on)

At this point, VEAO were well over the hill and 1\3 of the way down the other side. Yet the regular fan bois were all looking forward to VEAO's WW2 releases.....those like Nate IRL, SkateZilla, Sobek, Nine Liner and the cohorts.
All throwing their 'money at the screen' Especially Sobek and SkateZilla who are on record for emptying their wallets numerous times in the VEAO threads, SkateZilla more than most

eg, 'gimme gimme gimme'

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Since every review over at Mudspike that is posted is from "early access" modules etc, surely this "SimHQ review module" deserves a shout out. This 'review module' may all so be deemed an 'early access' as updates to it progress over time.
What do you say BEACHAV8R?? perhaps post up a no BS review eh?