You can post. But once again it's not about moderation itself nor about me personally. I write about that you don't give any opportunity to discuss in Veao section. User asks, then he get an unsatisfying reply from devs, and further question and statements by user are considered not needed by moderators. You delete what shouldn't be deleted and ban when you shouldn't ban guided by your subjective attitude to user and the devs in this case Veao. Can I talk about spin behavior on Veao forum? No? Why? According to what rule? You protect Veao against users interest. Why did they say that only small % affected by fall bug in topic where a user asked other users if hawk was worth buying? Why devs should ever post in that topic advertising their module like it was ok? Werent their posts redundant their? To be honest having the blocker issue like falling out the sky bug they should freeze sales till it will be fixed and not telling about small % which is big in real. Once again. Your moderation allows Veao to tell any tales on their hawk and do not allow users to respond critically. May be users concerns are redundant for them and sales is only thing they care? Eh?

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