Winfield, please don't lump me in with the coolaid drinkers who think the Hawk is god's gift to simming. You'll find my personal distaste for the way they run their company and the quality of product they've shoveled out to be only slightly less vitriolic than your own. I don't own the module, nor do I intend to purchase any other aircraft that they "produce".

I have however purchased the MiG-21Bis, and in that you have me guilty as charged, and while there is certainly valid criticism to be given, I would argue that of the third party DCS modules, there is none finer. Now if you mean to say that All DCS modules are awful aside from something like the A-10, then that's fine since it merely relates to your higher standards, given the filthy pleb that I am. But to place the MiG-21 on the same level as VEAO is disingenuous and you know it.

Paradaz: I'm not claiming the F-86 is complete, BST is. The list I provided is just the official one and doesn't represent any personal feelings on my part. But I would also like to point out, that the vast majority of complaints you wrote in your second and third paragraph are issues with ED, and not LN, who is the one I'm putting forth my opinion on.