12 months has past since I created this thread, time to dust it off and give an update on where this aircraft is at after putting my review of this aircraft on hold to allow Chris, the director at VEAO and his team a further 12 months to deliver a DCS fidelity level aircraft before continuing with my in depth report on a 3rd party developer who promised the world to the consumers and failed to deliver.

I take it that since ED have now officially dropped VEAO from their Friday updates, it can only be a matter of time now before the entire module is shelved

I see Chris has not accepted our requests here at SimHQ to attend these forums from time to time. 12 months of water under the bridge so to speak, however from my viewpoint it seems even ED have forgotten about VEAO.

How much 'progress' has actually taken place over the last 12 months?

Check the dates.

21 Apr 2016

25 Apr 2016

Nov 27, 2016

03-18-2017, 05:03 PM

Jsick7x: How am I still flying?
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[Linked Image]

and here we see the shift of blame yet again towards ED to 'fix' the damage model and every thing else that has gone wrong over the last 5 years with this module
About the only person left at ED who still sees a future for VEAO is the only one left posting on the threads regarding this dodgy dev.
How can someone who blames ED for the short comings of a 3rd party developer actually be a community manager of the ED forums?

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and confirmed by Chris himself

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Don't take my word for it.....there are even times when ED get the blame for VEAO's short comings before they actually have proof that ED are to blame.

Here is a fine example.....

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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Mind you, 12 months pass by and low and behold.....

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and Chris reacts this way to the consumer who paid for a module and 12 months later is still waiting for the smoke to be fixed

[Linked Image]

I didn't bother resizing the images as I have done in previous posts 12 months ago, just like VEAO didn't bother fixing the smoke issue from 12 months ago

Read back through to the 1st few pages in this thread, right back to where I posted screen shots from 2012 from VEAO informing the sim world that the Virtual Red Arrows would be performing
an online airshow with this beast (AKA bad investment)......pointless with out smoke and yet I am still waiting for the airshow.....perhaps with out smoke eh Chris?