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[quote=Zoomie13]The other set of modern combat sim devs are doing fine, and are making ZERO money despite making the paid devs look like n00bs

How does ED look like noobs compared to other combat sim devs? Which ones are you talking about? smile

You can't compare DCS with sims like Falcon BMS or the FSX Tacpack. Both of them work on existing platforms and "only" extend them. Eagle Dynamics, on the other hand, wrote the simulator including the engine on their own and have extensive sim development knowlegdge since over a decade.

They're doing an impressive job on DCS but all the community gets to do is complaining - man, just take a look at the other flight sims.. DCS is far ahead for most parts! Yes, DCS may be a little instable here and there and it also got plenty of bugs to sort out but tell me about one bug-free flight sim and I'll sell my soul! smile

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