The story thus far is a briefing of the very beginnings and formation of VEAO

Long before VEAO's WW2 announcements etc, only 2 aircraft were in the pipeling, the Hawk and Typhoon.
The plan was, release the Hawk, gain knowledge, release the typhoon. In many of the updates that came over the years, Chris refers many times to Pete and the WW2 aircraft.
Perhaps Pete knew then VEAO had no idea how to code anything technical especially basic functions like implementing the aden gun pod sounds.


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a couple of posts under that very announcement.....

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Yet more hysteria followed this announcement, VEAO were well and truly on their way to self destruction.


I as a consumer believed the "set up deals" the project manage part of the quote left much to be desired. Yet I, like other's before and after me, had faith that VEAO could deliver.
Had VEAO stuck with the original plan, Hawk - Typhoon, perhaps this mess may never have occurred.
Could this be the turning point of what lead to the downfall?

Fast forward to the present, Britain's politicians are infighting as to how to pull out of the EU....much like VEAO are fighting to leave ED.

Perhaps a leadership spill could have saved this company.