I hope these guys figure out that the end consumer does not know and/or does not care about how complex or simple a fix is. Whether it is a band-aid fix or a total re-code from the ground up, what the end consumer sees is whether the module is working as expected or not. If you were a racing car driver, would you appreciate a very complex car for it's complexity if it did not win races? Or would you go with a simpler car that can give you a fighting chance for a spot on the podium? All this dev whining does is massage their own egos..... the consumer does not care for that. The "massage" for such egos should be the money that comes in due to the consumer being happy with a good product...... and if the product is good enough, word-of-mouth can be an amazing thing.... and then more money comes in to massage the ego.

Like I said, never count your chickens before your eggs hatch. Why can't people keep their mouth shut and let their actions (or product) do the talking for them?

- Ice