This is the Issue:

Right now, You are still pushing info about the spin/stall behavior w/ me, that wasnt the problem, none of the above was while you were banned, so it's irrelevant.

Like I Said, the 2 major issues were posting of the copyright material, and re-posting after thread was deleted.

The entire Stall Behavior debate has ZERO to do with anything, other than heated debate.

Moving past that I can debate the Stall/Spin Behavior with you, and make it constructive.

Regarding the The EFM Loading Failure/Fall outta the sky/Battlefield 3 Stuck in the Sky, and whatever else it's Called:
Yes, the EFM has some issues, Yes it Affects a % of People,
That actual % Even with polls you will never know, as you dont know actual HAWK Sales Figures, so you'd have no basis to debate the actual %of user with the developer, who has both sales figures and support requests, so their figures are likely more accurate.

However this particular issue isnt with the EFM paysey, but is believed to be part of the StarForce protection system when mixed with specific windows variables.

Now onto the Spin Behavior, I believe they said part of it was left in as a Gameplay Element, whether that changes I dont know.

The T45C is no where near the same flight model as the Hawk T.1A, Neither is the Hawk T.2

They have different STALL/SPIN Characteristics, Stemming from different internal Structure, Re-Enforced Structure, Modified Framing, Added SLATS, Modified Gear Systems, Shifted CoG and Different Engines

If you want to discuss stall / spin behavior and post videos, post relevant videos, of the HAWK T.1A, not the T-45, Not the Hawk T.2

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