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You make valid generic points in your examples Skate.......however the likes of VEAO having a non-functional module as a DCS example isn't hardware related it's quite simply incompetence because it should easily have been captured during testing.

The mere fact that internal builds don't even have the same integration testing or alignment with the release builds isn't even funny....it's yet another example of being unprofessional. Basic mistakes that should never even see the light of day.

You have even described previous mistakes after release as 'simple compiler issues'......if they really are simple then we shouldn't be seeing them in the first place. I'm probably not the only one bored and fed up of these pathetic excuses. Remember what I said about learning from mistakes?......obviously not in ED or 3rd party vocabularies.

I cannot comment on 3rd parties, or their development.

However regarding "compiler issues", I can give a example that occurred withing the last 24 hours.

I spent 4 hours last night and today re-coding my Updater Utility, which is less than 2000 Lines of Code, because a Visual Studio 2015 HotFix/Update Pushed out by Microsoft in the last batch of updates decided to modify my code without any prompts, and actually breaking some functions in the SDK that worked fine prior to the update, and when I asked MS about it, I was told "those functions are no longer available, use these", with a smidge of an example piece of code that offered no link to the actual code I was using previously that worked 100% fine, but was removed for undisclosed reason.

These Things happen, I've dealt with them first hand.

Frustration building over the state of the Hawk and C101, sure, I can see it, ED can See it, VEAO, AvioDEV, and everyone involved with DCS Can See it,
No one wants to get the Hawk EFM and Systems Done more than VEAO, They've had their share of setbacks as well.

Other 3rd Party Developers have as well, the whole situation between Beczl and Now formed Leatherneck Sims and the Looooong awaited MiG-21Bis.
RAZBam Encountered some issues at first, but have experience in Code Development, Customer Service and Public Relations as they have been developing products for FSX for a significant amount of time, it's nothing new to them Customer Service and Public Relations wise, simply a new API and Development Language, which they have demonstrated significant development curve on.

I'm not gonna sit here and post these stupendously long explanations on everything, as it would honestly and rightfully so be seen as me trying to persuade you not to be mad or frustrated, which I do not have the right to do so.

As for Customer "Moderation" on the other Forum, There's rules, those rules exist for a reason, while there's no wiggle room for any form of negative ranting, there is room for Constructive Product Feedback, It's a Business Forum, As Such, Behavior and Feedback is to be done professionaly or in a manner that's mature

This is A Community Forum, Outside General Behavioral guidelines, you are free to do as you wish.

Would you goto a official meeting place of a company you buy products from and just have a temper explosion of emotion in the middle of their lobby, or would you wait until you same them at a public undisclosed random place to give them a piece of your mind in a casual environment/scenario?

I'll tell you, I would NOT goto any of my Suppliers' Office Lobbies or Forums and Publicly Let out an Emotional Bomb over Products I buy from them for use personally or in my company, I'll just goto the casual environment (chatroom, bar, tech bar, etc) and find someone else with a similar issue and discuss it with them privately and in a unprofessional capacity, and possibly find comfort in knowing I was not the only one, or a fix for the problem or alternative product to use).

Like I Said, not gonna sit here and participate aggressively in this discussion, but decided to offer a alternate perspective for you to consider, just a lil one..

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