Have the alpha bugs been fixed yet?

Ok that was below the belt.......however.....
I like how nine line shuts down the hoards of consumers over at ED complaining about VEAO going bust at the beginning of this month with some crap like "this happened last year, let's put this saga behind us and move on" yet that clown along with SkateZilla, sobek, nate and the likes fully endorsed the crap these arsehat devs spewed for years on end. Sad that the energy ED wasted on endorsement of VEAO, now backfired in their faces.......how good is that hawk now BEACH? How is that free copy to spice up over at mudspike now eh? Do a current review now in a version of DCS where Hawk is no longer valid.

How many copies will that sell now pete? 10s of thousands aye?
.....not enough to save VEAO from debt aye

It is amusing that those ED clowns had so much to say when I began this review.......yet the same clowns are now are dormant and lost for words.........sad......like the long wait for a finished hawk. Naw.